For over 30 years, these three values have shaped every client relationship and every service we provide.


Alpha’s independence from other lines of business makes us accountable to our clients alone, and frees us to see the market from a clear viewpoint. Our independence enables us to provide fair, multi-dimensional advice not available from firms beholden to their own, or other’s products and services.

  • Alpha has no parent company, subsidiary or affiliates. We have no ties to any other service provider.
  • Alpha has no products to sell.
  • 100% of Alpha’s revenue is derived from client retainer fees. We receive absolutely no compensation from any other source.


Alpha is a data-driven firm that provides unbiased research and advice to assist clients in making appropriate investment decisions.

The experience of our consultants and research analysts gives us an advantage in applying the wide variety of available information to help our clients meet their investment goals and fiduciary obligations. With over 25 years of experience working with investment committees and investment funds through a number of different economic and market environments, our consultants have witnessed how the characteristics of investing have changed over time and have stayed abreast of emerging investment concepts, trends, and analysis.

We keep our knowledge fresh with a commitment to the continuing education of our whole team, whether through an investment conference or traveling abroad to examine emerging markets.


Using integrity, experience and knowledge as guiding principles, Alpha acts as a trusted partner in guiding clients through the investment process.

Alpha’s success depends on our integrity and the trust our clients place in our service. As a long-term partner, Alpha strives to help clients see past today and understand the ultimate outcomes of their decisions and actions.

Our service commitment goes beyond scheduled quarterly meetings and includes ongoing projects, meetings and phone conferences – your service team is always available to you. We are client centered and committed to our mission.

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